Traveler on the Way – Making a Plan

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  1. Why It’s Great to Travel Without a Plan
  2. Snapshot of a real traveler's decision-making journey
  3. Mobile Travelers: 4 Ways Mobile Search is Used in Vacation Planning
  4. 1. I-want-to-get-away
  5. How Travelers Use Online Sources for Travel Decision-Making

Another great resource is YouTube. This means that learning to attract customers on YouTube is a must for businesses catering to I-want-to-get-away micro-moments.

Why It’s Great to Travel Without a Plan

Also called Organizing Moments, these are the times when travelers have decided to take a trip but are still considering different hotels and airlines with an open mind. During these moments, travelers are figuring out the logistical details of their journey—like how long flights will take or how much hotels will cost. On Google, mobile flight-related searches are up 33 percent year over year, and mobile hotel searches are up 49 percent.

To reach customers during Time-to-make-a-plan Moments, consider online advertising campaigns, or Google services such as Hotel Ads and Google Flights.

Snapshot of a real traveler's decision-making journey

And, of course, make sure that your website is fully optimized for mobile! Going back to data from Google, 46 percent of travelers who do mobile travel research made their final booking decisions on mobile but did the actual booking itself on a desktop or laptop computer. This means that customers are likely not getting everything they need from mobile during Booking Moments. Businesses that improve their mobile booking have an opportunity to rise above the competition.

Google recommends Book on Google as a way to increase conversion rates for mobile Booking Moments.

Mobile Travelers: 4 Ways Mobile Search is Used in Vacation Planning

Customers will be more likely to book on-the-go if they trust that their information is safe and secure. Also called Experiencing Moments, data from Google proves that these are also areas of huge potential. Here again, travelers are making these plans on mobile. In fact, mobile searches from hotels increased 30 percent in So, how can a travel industry business appeal to customers in Experiencing Moments? More than one in three travelers with smartphones agree that when researching on their smartphones, they've discovered a new travel company.

If you aren't already in the consideration set at this point in the customer journey, these time-to-make-a-plan moments are your opportunity. Online interactions are increasingly shaping how people make a plan for their next trip.

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New clickstream data from Luth Research's opt-in panel illustrating the pages a user visited, and in which order provides a snapshot of what a real traveler's time-to-make-a-plan moments actually looked like. By analyzing this traveler's searches, clicks, website visits, and video views while she was in planning mode for her upcoming travel, we can start to see exactly how and how much digital played a role in influencing her destinations.

Gina is a middle-aged woman from Nevada, traveling to San Diego for a mothers' conference.

1. I-want-to-get-away

Her visit is both business and pleasure, and she's looking for fun things to do with her child while in Southern California. And here's a real sample of one of Gina's research paths in a time-to-make-a-plan moment that started with a search:. As you can see, time-to-make-a-plan moments are crucial for marketers to win. And even though these moments might seem fleeting, there are a few concrete ways to ensure your brand is there and useful at this point in the customer journey. Show up when people research the specifics for a destination.

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During the planning phase, travelers say that search is the most common way in which they discover the brand they ultimately book with. Plan for these moments happening on mobile.

How Travelers Use Online Sources for Travel Decision-Making

Hotel information is also sought out on mobile. In fact, some searches, like hotels with a specific type of amenity, are primarily happening on smartphones.

2018 Set-UP: Thoughtful Ways To USE Your Planner More Effectively In The New Year

We've designed how hotel search results appear on Google to help travelers easily pinpoint the right hotel, using filters on mobile for things like amenities, which in turn creates more qualified customers for brands. During peak season last year, La Quinta decided to turn on mobile Google Hotel Ads to connect to more consumers in their planning moments and to increase qualified leads.

This drove traffic to its updated mobile site to meet the growing number of travelers who were looking for hotels on the go. The results were strong. There's a lot more to learn.