The Truth Seeker: 3 (OMalley)

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This book is awesome. The plot was believable, suitably complicated, and cleverly unfolded. Especially since it's a Christian romance fiction novel. This book succeeded far and beyond my expectations for a book of that genre.

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The characters were appealing and did not fall into the stereotypes which appear to dominate books of Note: The characters were appealing and did not fall into the stereotypes which appear to dominate books of its kind. The writing was quite good. Usually when I read books of this kind I want to rephrase things constantly and spot lots of punctuation errors. While reading this book, my inner-editor was able to step back and take a break.

This is a funny book, too, despite the serious subject matter. The family antics are hilarious. All of the characters have unique characteristics which mesh together to make a wonderful, crazy group. I laughed out loud several times while reading this book. The romance was actually good. Coming from me, that's high praise. It's not that I don't like romance. I'm a sucker for romance, really, it just has to be plausible and engaging. While reading book 2 in this series, I groaned and thrashed about during the romantic parts.

They weren't really all that bad from a writing stand-point, but they were sappy. This romance, however, was actually good. It was sweet, funny, and believable. I actually liked the characters as a couple, and liked the scenes putting them together. The plot's twists and turns were well handled. I truly could not have guessed the end. The writing kept me on the edge of my seat. When it comes to Christian fiction, I generally have a bone to pick in three areas Well, more than three, but I've narrowed it down: This book succeeds in all three areas. Faith is not handled in a way that is overly-sentimental or watered down.

Characters in this series have real, serious obstacles to overcome in order to come to saving faith in Christ. Their issues are not discarded at the end so that they can just automatically "see the light" and accept Christ. Rather, the author wrestles with difficult theological issues: God's justice and mercy in book 1, unanswered prayer in book 2, and the resurrection in this book. Arguments against faith are not only presented in an accurate and believable way, but there are actually satisfying answers given, not just trite sayings. I intensely enjoyed this book, and would highly recommend it to teens and adults.

The book is perfectly clean, but there is some violence, as well as graphic but not gratuitous descriptions which more sensitive readers ought to be aware of. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic read! This was one of my favorite O'Malley books yet. At first, I didn't like Quinn, but as the book went on he grew on me. His gentle way to dealing with Lisa got me. Her interaction with her siblings was different than any of the others, which was so true to how family works. The only thing I didn't like was that time skip at the beginning.

I really felt like I had missed some very important information there. Kate's still my favorite O'Malley, but this book is the best. Minimal kiss This was one of my favorite O'Malley books yet.

See a Problem?

Minimal kissing My favorite , all the sibling interaction, and Jack, who I am very curious about now. I'm going to take a little break from these books though, the stress is getting to me. Apr 05, Jesseca Wheaton rated it it was amazing. Just a warning here. In terms of action and suspense, this is my favorite book in the series so far!

Paperback Editions

Since Lisa hand't found the killer, I fel Just a warning here. Since Lisa hand't found the killer, I felt like he really was out there waiting for a new victim. Yeah, I was never exactly sure how it would all play out! There were so many people involved, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. And now I'm dying to learn more about Jack. I'm ready to move on the the next book in the series!

Thankfully it's waiting for me on my shelf. Mar 26, Victoria Lynn rated it really liked it Shelves: This one of the series was perhaps a bit more gruesome than the others, perhaps because Lisa O'Malley is a forensic pathologist. But I actually enjoyed the story more than the last one. Quinn is so sweet, and yet real. He reminds me of my dad in so many ways which is why I think I liked him so much. D The crime was nail-biting and I loved the subplot of Jennifer's wedding and the other siblings when they cropped up.

The O'Malley family is just the best, ok? The best moment of the book was befo This one of the series was perhaps a bit more gruesome than the others, perhaps because Lisa O'Malley is a forensic pathologist. The best moment of the book was before Jennifer's wedding.

I was rolling around in my chair laughing so hard. The way Dee Henderson does such a great job of combining danger, peril, humor, joy, and spiritual insights is just fantastic. I also love how for each book, she takes a specific spiritual struggle or doubt and highlights her characters journey through it and how they found the truth.

She'd found her verse, the one she remembered from her childhood, in Psalm It was her verse, claimed, and held tight, "he brought me forth into a broad place' he delivered me, because he delighted in me. It was the delighted part that had thrilled her as a child, and as an adult she appreciated it even more. Delight was a powerful word, and yet it could barely do justice in describing the depth of emotions she felt toward God.

To know He felt the same about her was priceless. It is a bit gruesome at times so I wouldn't recommend it for ages under It never grows boring. I love all the O'Malley books, but I find this one especially intriguing with the forensic side of the crimes being highlighted. Cowboys and Montana are two things I appreciate. The mystery also is a nail-biter. Took me nearly the entire book to remember who had done the crime.

Love it when that happens.

He was often in Chicago on Marshal business and wanted to have a friend and someone to go to dinner with when he came through. In this book, The Truth Seeker , Lisa was investigating an arson case. Most clues seem to point to suicide, but certain signs at the burnt home kept running through her mind causing her to question if that assessment was correct. Because of a terrible accident that had her recuperating for weeks she was placed on a desk job reexamining cold case murders using newer forensic technology in an effort to solve them.

The Truth Seeker Book 3 O'malley Series by Dee Henderson 2001 Hard Cover Dust JK

Little did she or Quinn realize, one case was related to another case long investigated by Quinn. The murder of his father.

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  4. As in the other books, there is one main character who was unbeliever and one Christian hoping to convince them of the validity of the gospel. Lisa was a hard nut to crack, so to speak, because something in her past, something having to do with Christians had her closed off. Maybe not my favorite of the series, but still good.

    View all 3 comments. Jun 13, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lisa has been my favorite so far. I love, love, love Lisa! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really loved this story, mostly because I can relate to Lisa. She's a forensic pathologist, what I want to be, and she's very logical. She doesn't want to deal with the living. If her patients are dead, she won't have to worry about them dying.

    Lisa has a problem with the resurrection. Dealing with death every day has convinced her that people don't just raise from the dead. Ever since Lisa was a baby, she had been in the foster care system. She was with a family that had a boy when she was se I really loved this story, mostly because I can relate to Lisa. She was with a family that had a boy when she was seven or eight, and she was good friends with the boy, Andy. The family was thinking about adopting her. She couldn't swim at the time. They were at the pool, and Andy was showing off.

    He hit his head on the bottom of the pool, and Lisa had to watche him die. On top of that, her foster parents ripped the adoption right out from under her. I cried when I read this. Quinn helps her see the truth, and when faced with death, she accepts that the resurrection is true. I absolutely love this book. Jan 13, Victoria rated it liked it Shelves: This is a genre I really enjoy every now and then. I do wonder how often her Christian characters are going to fall for nonbelievers. Apparently, that always works out as long as you pray and affectionately and exclusively not-date them.

    Mar 10, Kimberely Couch rated it really liked it. I really like this series, not as predictable and lacking in imagination or character development as a lot of Christian fiction. The plots are interesting and kept me guessing, but I am also not a mystery buff. There are some aspects that left alot to be desired. I'm on book 4 and only about 6 months have past, so overall 4 huge cases involving arson, kidnapping, witness protection, etc. It would have been better to spread it out over several years. Also, while the questions of faith are deep an I really like this series, not as predictable and lacking in imagination or character development as a lot of Christian fiction.

    Also, while the questions of faith are deep and interesting considering the troubled pasts of the characters, the resolutions are unrealistically quick. A character who has struggled with an aspect of faith for years is suddenly able to commit in weeks with the help of a relationship. Each book is predictable in that respect.

    Still, I enjoy the series.

    The Truth Seeker (O'Malley #3) by Dee Henderson

    The romance can be cheesy, but the characters are easy to like and the mystery in the plots has kept me reading. I've read several of Dee Henderson's books and enjoyed them all. I guess they are really for women, but honestly I enjoy a good story especially when the gospel is incorporated into the story. My Mom actually had just read the book and passed it to me knowing I love to read mysteries. The book is about a family, the O'Malleys, that are not related by blood. They all grew up as foster kids, but became close and decided to change their last name so they could be a family.

    This book Excellent book. This book is classified as a romance novel and it does has romance in it but also has mystery. If you enjoy reading Christian fiction you will enjoy all of Dee Henderson's books. May 29, Hannah rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved the tale of Lisa, and the case was interesting and kept me guessing. May 23, Kaisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: When I'm this excited, it's difficult for me to keep my language clean! But for the sake of those who might be offended by cursing, I'll try my best for this review.

    I love Lisa and can relate to her world view and struggles so easily. Not trusting anyone, testing people's trust all the time, thinking you're not good enough, and that if they won't like you, you'll be just fine alone, thank you very much, 4. Not trusting anyone, testing people's trust all the time, thinking you're not good enough, and that if they won't like you, you'll be just fine alone, thank you very much, even though it hurts when no one shows up for you, stands up for you, persists that you matter.

    And it's not seeking attention or being vain. Some people live through a childhood that leaves them feeling like they haven't been heard, or at least cared for, let alone loved. It's difficult to let go of that, when you grow up protecting yourself from everyone. I love the loyalty between the O'Malleys, how they show up for each other, stand up for each other, how they care and love each other. It took Quinn a while to figure it out, but he got it, too. I could do without all the meddling, but at the same time if people don't meddle, they rarely care enough, so I guess I'll just have to take the slight annoyances with all the good things, haha!

    The Truth Seeker was surprisingly graphic, but not too bad. The end race was positively chilling, and as I was seriously invested in the characters, I'd say the author has done great once again, when it comes to that aspect of writing.

    The Truth Seeker

    I like her writing immensely, and Lisa and Quinn's story highlighted the observation that I made while reading The Guardian: There are so many books that I've read, that have been shelved as romances but that actually lack the romance. Insta-love and insta-lust don't create good stories, so I'm glad there are some authors who manage to actually put together balanced stories that are well-written, have substance and are interesting!

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